Monday, July 07, 2008

Fourth of July, in the location of the original Fourth of July

I am in Philly this weekend. It has been a wonderful break from reality! I drove down Friday morning and got here around 11:30. I was here in time to catch the end of the Oreland Fire Company celebration, commemorating their hundreth year of service to the community. For those who don't know this holds a special place in Drew's heart, as he was a junior fire fighter here for many years. And many of the most senior firemen remember Drew and are very proud of him. His graduation (from OCS) picture is still hanging in the fire truck bay.

I will admit, one of the great things about coming down to visit Drew's parents is a chance to eat dinner that gets cooked for me! I enjoyed cooking for the family tonight, but it is nice to get sit down and eat without having to worry about the cooking or the dishes.

The dog lazes about regardless of where he happens to lay his head, but he enjoys the abundance of backyard, that is not present in our own house. He gets to enjoy it for a few more days.

See everyone soon, back in CT!

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