Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Hankering for a Mini-Me

I don't have this yet, but alot of my friends do. Some are younger than I, and I wish I understood. I know I will be super excited to be "Aunty-Licia" to all my friends' kids, but that alarm hasn't gone off in my head yet. I like to think that this is perfectly normal because although I do have alot of friends that are on the baby train, I have even more (is this a subconscious thing?) that are very committed to the "NK" part of DINK life. I think about the olden-days when the first baby came before the first anniversary, and wondered, is this due to boredom? Surely those women had more to do than wipe noses and bottoms all day?

The husband starts to worry whenever I spend too much time around some of the ladies with kids, for some reason, he thinks that this is going to have me wanting one. Truthfully though (and nothing against those wonderful mommies!) I go home, thankful that I get to plan my schedule around only me. Is this bad? A good friend says that you are ready to have kids when you can think of nothing else except wanting to be a mother. And I can think of so many other things. Does this make me a cold horrible person? I know so many people who long for nothing more than a baby, and here I am wanting to run as far away from that option as possible? I must be totally screwed up.

To all those ladies that have chosen motherhood, I have a great respect for you. To those ladies that had an "oh $hit" moment...don't worry, your kid will still grow up normally. And to those wonderful women that I enjoy cocktails and the regular GNO that doesn't require a babysitter, thank you for the encouragement!

P.S. If there were only one reason that I want a baby right now, its just so I can have a name to fill in on my family tree. I don't think that is a good reason to procreate.

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