Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Detailer's Wives Briefing

Or is it "Detailers' wives' briefing" or more simply Detailers come to Groton to talk to the women-folk. I truly appreciated this briefing. I am sure the detailers' briefing for the guys at SOBC was similar but questions I am sure were vastly different. It was very informative. The powerpoints had alot of very small information, and I forgot my glasses, but I feel better knowing that information I already knew was actually correct, and the information I didn't know was easy to digest. I am sure alot of it is fluff to make me feel better, and convince me the navy holds a very lucrative future. I did get the opportunity to ask some questions that have been driving me nuts for months.

Staying in or getting out is such huge dilemna. The state of the economy is a huge proponent for staying in. Its hard to thinking about walking away from such great security when so many industries are still suffering. The bonuses are definately a very stong motivator. But at the same time, how can you sacrifice the time you lose for the COPAY. Time that you have apart is time that you can never get back. When you have children and family missing those moments is not something that I want Drew to have to have do. Its a huge sacrifice for service to your country, and perhaps not so bad if you get to put time on hold while you are away. You cannot stop time. You cannot help but miss birthdays, anniversaries, births, deaths, and all those wonderful events in between.

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