Tuesday, September 01, 2009

New month, new challenges

Isn't it funny how the first is such an important day. Every month, there is a third, a fourteenth, and in most months a twenty-ninth. Yet our favorite deadline is always the first. So many things to accomplish, and only 24 hours in the day. The dog gets his monthly preventatives on the first. For some reason when I was doing it on the twelfth of the month, I could never remember. The first works out okay. Why is this?

School is starting and sometimes I wonder if I should go back to school. I went for for years, and I got my degree, and yet, I feel a void where the "check" should go in the accomplishment box. I don't think another degree would fill this void, but I cannot think of a better option. My degree is fun to talk about, but from a practical perspective, its a little focusted. There is not much airport planning and design to be had in Groton. We will not be in Groton for much longer, but still begs the question, since I have been out of school for four years, how relavant am I?

I recognize that so many people are thriving in their careers, and often times their degree does not mach at all. How can I can I make this work for me? I would love to hear about all the people and their careers and non-matching degrees.


  1. My degree is in Interdisciplinary Studies (Social Sciences). I'm now a stay at home mom. I graduated with my degree 5 years ago and I have yet to use it. I have been wanting to go back for my masters (Library and Information Sciences), but am very nervous about it!
    There are lots of us out there that feel the same way you are feeling.

  2. Good question. Although I work in my degree area (approximately), I have a whole lot of friends who have careers that have little relationship to their official "degree".

    I have often thought I would like to go back and just take all the courses that looked interesting in the schedule, but never seemed to work in time wise and weren't "needed" to finish a degree. I know a woman who did that (of course she started when she was 60). Maybe that's a way to expand without having to commit to getting another degree.

  3. B.A. Political Science - I was a Real Estate Paralegal. Now? I am a Stroller Strides Instructor and a P.A. to 2 preschoolers!! At least the 'paper' looks pretty in a frame...


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