Monday, September 07, 2009

Table for One?

Tonight I was really wanting California Pizza Kitchen. The closest one is at Foxwoods. Drew and I would often drive up to the casino for dinner. It is always a fun reason to get out of house. Sometimes we would play a couple casino games. It is always fun going out when the answer to the infamous question, "how many in your party," is TWO. What about for one?
  • I get to eat what I want, when I want.  This is at the top of the list for a reason. How often to we find ourselves negotiating for the venue for the evening meal? Sometimes it is an absurdly polite argument, of  " you choose, no you choose, I feel like.....but what ever you want is fine." Sometimes the choice is made based on location. I prefer not to drive an hour for dinner, once I have decided I am hungry. The husband, however, likes the adventure of the dining and refueling combination. Other times the choice is made on pure desperation and convenience. I try to avoid fast food if possible, and nicer convenience dining has certainly become easier since the days when we were both broke college students.
  • I can pretend to be independant, even when I am feeling like crap. The self help books are full of lies like this. Humans are meant to be in pairs, there is no arguing with this. Since it is possible, that I may be successful at convincing myself that there is no shame in enjoying a meal in the company of me, myself, and I, I will list it in the PROs.
  • It is an unnecessary expense when I could have eaten a bowl of cereal at home. This perhaps the reason that keeps me opening the fridge. It is is so ridiculous to go out and spend money on a meal that I will enjoy the taste, but not the event. In my fridge, I have alot of food. I have tons of food in the freezer. I really do need to get busy eating this food because we are going to be moving soon, and I do not want to throw it away.
  • It is slightly embarrassing to sit down alone at a table with two or four chairs. What I said above is full of crap. I cannot convince myself that sitting alone at a table for four will not help me in anyway shape or form. The only place where it is acceptable to eat alone is in an airport, or a hotel restaurant. Perhaps jail in a foreign country would also be acceptable if you are beting detained against your will, and your dining options will not be up to you.
I have four more days this week to decide that I really want CPK. Tonight is spaghetti for one. I have little cups of spaghetti sauce frozen in the freezer which will warm up very nicely in my little dipper crockpot.  What is another good alternative to dining alone (other than take-out)?

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  1. I love it! Cereal is a common go to dinner option when I am on my own. Microwave popcorn works too...

    I only like to eat alone when I have ice cream, while sitting on a bench, watching Mystic tourists. :)


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