Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Cannoli Day

Tuesday was "Learn to make Cannoli day." The husband absolutely loves Cannoli's. We received Cannoli forms as a wedding gift, and for the last three years those forms have been sitting in the "gadget drawer" taking up space, but I finally got to use them.

I found the recipe through Foodgawker. The original recipe is found Here. Anytime you are looking for a recipe, Foodgawker is a wonderful place to start. Its fun to cook/bake, but it is even more fun when there are so many beautiful pictures to help.

The lovely Carrie, took on the challenge with me. We borrowed the fryer from the lovely Kristen. We figured it out, worked out the fryer kinks and they are absolutely beautiful.  I will for sure make them again for the husband at some point when the husband returns home.

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