Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall TV Review

It has been a terribly long time since I started watching new shows on tv. I generally prefer to watch the old ones over and over. But there are a few shows that I have taken a fondness for, along with some ones that I have been watching for a while.....

The Good Wife - This show has Julianna Margulies playing Nurse Hathaway, and Chris Noth playing Mr. Big. Nurse Hathaway is a woman who has been dissapointed by her man, is left now with two kids and an uncertain future. Mr Big is a man who cannot seem to focus on his priorities, and pay attention to the woman he loves. Instead, he is focused on anything else. He wants to be in love, he wants to be a good partner, but it seems somehow he is always falling short. He has made many mistakes. He has hurt the woman who loves him, but can she forgive him? It will take another man to show him what his true priorites are. (Amazingly this is what made George Clooney aka Dr Ross finally admit he was in love with Carol Hathaway.

Yes, amazingly these two actors are both playing roles that they have played before. But now they are playing in the same CBS hour. Though my sarcasm may confuse you. I like the show. I love looking at Mr. Big, but like SatC, I just cannot figure out why he is so gosh darn stupid. Julianna Margulies plays his wife, whom he cheated on and embarrased. She is now trying to reclaim her life, and regain some dignity and purpose. She plays a junior attorney, and she is always the one to save the day. They are setting up another lawyer as a possible love triangle. Will she succumb?

Hank - I like Kelsey Grammer. I haven't decided yet if I like him in this role. He seems a little too "pretty." It seems his character needs a little more depth. Perhaps I just need to give him a few more episodes. I don't like the wife, and the kids are kind of annoying.

Heroes - I started watching this one with the husband last year. We watched season 1 and season 2 in about two weeks, and then caught up to watch most of season 3 on time. I didn't really like the turn that season 3 took, but I am back this year, and I haven't quite figured out what is going on with all the circus people. I am very confused with Sylar and Nathan. I want them to bring back Elle. I know she is dead, but now they found a healer. Do you think they will dig her up and try to get Jeremy to work his voodoo?

Project Runway - Not much to say here. Everyone loves project runway. They are packing in the celebrities this year though. Somehow I don't remember this many in previous seasons, and I don't seem quite as in tune with the characters.

Ones I am ashamed to admit.....

Duggars....they better stop trying to count soon - How can you not watch a family that has more birthdays to celebrate in a year than your child's kindergarten class? The question I truly want answered is how they celebrate birthdays? With 20 of them, they are celebrating birthdays at every other week. And if Josh and Anna keep procreating......I am very much in awe of this family, and their ability to manage their family and finances without going insane. They are self-sufficient, and don't pander to their audiences.

The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders 2009 -  I didn't have to admit to this. But it is so funny watch these girls. Last season, or the year before a girl showed up to practice late and without makeup on. I am still dumbfounded why she decided to go at all. She should have known that would be her last day. Obviously the purpose of this show is to document the tryout and training camp process. It was very amusing some of the girls who showed up for auditions. Kelly Jo said it, and I agree....these girls showed up, and some of them couldn't fit in the uniform if they were half their size. Why do they go? They have narrowed it down to 40 or so for training camp. Now starts a soundtrack of the endless playing of about five dance songs. Its a good thing this show is only on once a week. And for goodness sake, is it really that hard to memorize a couple Dallas Cowboys football stats?

Are there any good shows that I am missing? Tell me what your new favorite is!

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  1. I watch the Duggers too ... I'm just amazed how she doesn't go insane with all that noise!


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