Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bradley Baby Quilt

This quilt is for the Bradley Baby. I was so excited to hear that Bradley's were cooking a baby! After quizzing Erin on her nursery plans, I found this great pattern, and I think it will go perfectly. I noticed from the nursery pictures that there was no pink to be found, so I tried to stay neutral. No pink at all, :) Hopefully she will snuggle with this for many years, even after she has outgrown her nursery bedding. The back is a snuggle flannel!

The Mack-Noodle is testing for softness! He approves.

Her name is Kiera, she was born on November 12th. She is adorable! I hope Drew and I are able to go visit soon...


  1. Keira loves loves loves her quilts!!!


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