Sunday, November 15, 2009

The perfect outfit... now sitting in my closet. Well, actually it is on the bed. If it is anything like the other clothes on the bed it might be there for a couple more days. The important thing is, it is now in my possession. My own personal rules dictate that it be weather appropriate, and functional for (semi) everyday wear. My outfit meets both of these requirements. Homecoming is still a long ways away, but it is nice to accomplish these little milestones. It helps to make it feel like it is coming sooner.

I was amazed at the last homecoming about the outfits I see people wear. I mean really, there is no reason to wear a "hoochie-mama" skirt in forty degree weather. I have less issue with shoes, but I really don't see the purpose in six inch heels on the pier either. I could really care less what other people wear, but I just don't understand why some women think that homecoming day is the perfect day to show off the boobs or the behind. Your sailor knows what these look like, he will enjoy being home regardless of whether he (and the rest of the crew) get a showing of "the goods." So why not find a cute (and warm) outfit, and save the peep show for home?

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  1. LOL. You are right. I remember seeing these women when we all came home as well. I would role my eyes and wonder what they were thinking. Thank goodness my dear friend (you) have class.


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