Monday, January 25, 2010

More Circus Fun

While we were in Jacksonville, circus John was there with his show. We had the amazing pleasure of seeing the dress rehearsal. It was the same show everyone else sees, but we were the whole audience. Its a new show from when we saw it in Worcester, MA. Amazingly, after all the circus shows I have seen, this was the first that I have gotten to see, while sitting next to my husband. I highly recommend seeing this show if it is in your area! It is called Funundrum. It pays homage to the old school circus in a fantastically updated way.

I took a picture under the sign in the last cirucs visit, you might notice that this sign is much much shorter than before, but still very large!

It was cool watching the tight rope walkers practice. Its amazing the things they do!

This is a Watousi. I had never even heard of one, but it is a very interesting looking animal!

This is the trampoline jumpers practice. I would like to say that this was one of my favorite acts, but I cannot say this because they were all great in their own special way. This act was much better with the costumes during the rehearsal!

This is the husband and I with our VIP guest pass. We had to carry this around the stadium, since our host had to work during the rehearsal.

This tiger wasn't in a great mood....I think he was missing his nap!

I loved this part, the dog is leading the elephant around. I wonder the training required to get the dog anywhere near the elephant....hmmm....

This is near the end, see previous post about trampoline jumpers! They are awesome. If you have the option to go see the show....GO, it is great! (PS. This is from the Blue tour.)

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