Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Schnibble Completed!

With a whole day to spare...I have finished it, and I think it looks fantastic! I used Patisserie fabric.  Somehow I acquired lot of this fabric, and I still have a couple more charm packs and a jelly roll. Hmm...what to do with those?

I still have a couple older schnibbles in progress, but I get to be in the parade this month. My four hours of uninterrupted sewing was party due to the husband having to work late this evening.

March Schnibble 001

March Schnibble 003

See the parade starting on the first at A Quilting Life and the Pink Pincushion.


  1. Congrats on being in the parade this month! I've done really well so far and have only missed January. Maybe I can get 2 done this month?

    I love the Patisserie fabric in your Schnibble too. Maybe we will see it used in another Schnibble?

  2. Love your choice of fabric! So far I've been able to finish all the Schnibbles. Hope I can keep it up.

  3. Your Roundabout is beautiful! Love the Patisserie fabric.

  4. I really love your Schnibbles, wonderful choice of fabrics !
    Hugs from France.

  5. Great job! Those fabrics are among my favorites, and they look wonderful in your Schnibbles!

  6. Love your Schnibbles and the range you used! This is so much fun. I look forward to the Schnibbles you made with the Love U range!


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