Sunday, March 28, 2010

Up In the Air Review

I never saw this movie in the theater, but I have been a bit curious about it. Despite the fact that I wished for a different ending, I think it is one of the better movies I have seen in a long time. I certainly didn't expect the symbolism here, and wonder if my Junior AP English teacher would be proud that I understood it. I wonder if the main character had to be a middle aged, sexy George Clooney to give a successful mid-life crisis movie?

I will admit, that I have an intersting perspective, as I currently work for a firm that does exactly what he does. And unfortunately I see too many similarities in Keener's character in the field that I work. As this world shifts to a more "glocal" society, we lose that human touch. Ryan Bingham had a successful public speaking career about non-committment, and devaluing relationships, but his whole purpose at his company was to keep that personal contact, and was a strong advocate for being a supportive arm to the people that need HIM the most.

Keener's character was a breath of fresh air. She is a such a wonderful example of generation Y. She thinks she has it all together. She thinks she is society's answer to a fifty year old question, but she totally doesn't have a clue. As her dreams and goals are slowly trampled, we see a new character emerge, one that might have a shot at a happy future.

I will be sending this movie back to Netflix tomorrow, but I do think it will be returning to my mailbox again soon!

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  1. Love reading your views and seeing the way you write. I love it. Someday mabe you should publish something. You write beautifully and keep the audience intrigued.


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