Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Pinwheels...still in Progress

These are yet to be assembled from the Pinwheel Quilt along. It is more fantastic neptune. I I am still deciding if I want to make a few more to make it a little bigger....there are so many fantastic other blocks in the FlickR group. It is very tempting. I am also thinking of making two more blocks, and then making two smaller baby sized gifts.....so many options....any opinions?

Pinwheel Blocks


  1. Looks amazing! You make me wish I bought loads of Neptune when it was readily available! oh well...

    I made extra blocks for mine to make it one row longer. I'm glad I did b/c I use it when I lay on the couch and I'm 5'8", so it's perfect! (I just made extra "easy" blocks b/c I wanted it done!) Whatever you decide, it's going to look wonderful!

  2. I love the contrast in your colors...the dark blocks really pop, don' they? I added an extra scrappy border to make mine a bit bigger.


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