Sunday, January 02, 2011

Already a To-Do List

Its scary, but some of these were started in 2009....guess I better get moving!

2010 Unfinished
1. Fig Tree-Binding 001, 2. JR QAL, 3. Picnic Schnibble, 4. Neptune Pinwheels, 5. New Year 012, 6. D9P, 7. Simple Bag,


  1. You've got some good figgy fabric there ;) I should have made one of my goals to have a figgy quilt for myself...I give all mine away!

  2. Fig Tree ("figgy") is a fabric designer. Two of the projects in the above collage are fig tree (top right and top left) and two of the quilts in the "finished" projects from yesterday were also fig tree. They are usually very girly, sometimes more traditional, but lots of pinks, greens, yellows.

    Here is the designer's website.

    Here is a flickr group with lots of great fig tree fabrics :)

  3. Love the pics .. I so love Fig Tree too and Joanna makes the most amazing designs
    Hugs Dawn x x x


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