Saturday, October 27, 2012

It looks like a Sandy Path

So, I am currently living in limbo out of a suitcase, and I have for almost two months now. My house is apparently safe and dry in Florida, and I am just outside of Philadelphia, PA waiting for a "monster storm." See that last little dot? That is currently where we are living. Thanks NOAA for pointing that out for us.

We are staying in a house that is in a flood zone, and has flooded before, and the husband tells me, I just should pack my hospital bag along with our regular evacuation stuff if we need to leave. The storm is scheduled to arrive in some form on Tuesday, which coincidentally is also the start of my 39th week. Is this a sucker's bet?

My birthing plan requests the option to dim the lights. I think this will be a mute point if the area has no power!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Baby Bikes

Baby Bikes,
Baby Bikes by alimaui
Baby Bikes, by Alicia
Finished quilt measures : 40x50″
Special techniques used : Hex n More Ruler
Quilted by : Me, on my Bernina 440
Best Category : Favorite Home Machine Quilted Quilt, Favorite Baby Quilt

 Don't you love the PJ pants? I realize this picture will not win any photography awards, but I had a time deadline. This is my M-I-L's backyard, and I needed a picture quick so I can show up in the first half of the festival. I am alive, and though I haven't posted in almost a year, I have still been sewing! I am here, and I wanted to finish this in time for Blogger's Quilt Festival.

 This is my newest favorite quilt. Baby should be arriving any day now and I am so thrilled to meet him! It was such an "important" quilt, I had a hard time deciding what pattern I wanted to make and what kind of fabric choices to go with, as always some last minute events forced me to choose quickly, but I have no regrets.

I had the pleasure of attending a class by Julie Herman. She taught the Northern Lights pattern in a quilt shop just outside of Philadelphia, and it was a fun day. Being that I am living out of a suitcase, I made all my choices from the in stock items at Round Bobbin Quilt shop in Horsham, PA. It is done with Sweetwater's Lucy's Crab Shack line and Robert Kaufman Solids. One of the other customers at the quilt shop helped me audition the border and background, and I think the plaid rocks! Amazingly Julie's tour was about her book Skip the Borders. Yes there is a border on this quilt. Of course this pattern is not in the book, nor do the directions call for a border, but I thought a small orange border would bring out more of the orange color from the bicycles. It is just a small 1.5in border that I added, hoping I could blend it with the binding, but add more of the color pop that I wanted.

And of label! (A more specific label will be added at a later date...)


This is my quilt with a crochet gift from a great friend. Don't they go together beautifully?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful notes...

Yes, I am alive, and though I have not posted in a while, I still have many projects in process. I feel like my life has gone in such a different direction than I could ever have imagined, and right now I feel like I am trying to sort it all out.

As Thanksgiving is here, I just want to proclaim my thanks for the many blessings that I have in my life.
  • I have such a wonderful supporting husband and family. So many people do not have a positive support system, but I do, and I am so very thankful.  I could not imagine walking this life alone. This year we celebrated five years of marriage, and I am looking forward to fifty more.
  • The financial security to be live and enjoy. In this economy so many people just struggle to keep a roof over their head. I have the luxury of a roof, a full pantry, and closets full of crap. A new years resolution will likely include solving that last one, but I am thankful each day for all the blessings I have been given.
  • Being useful. Last year at this time I struggled with feelings of value. It it hard to be unemployed. Everyone wants to feel useful and important. I found a great organization to volunteer with, and multiple times per week, I get to see great friends, while helping people make life changes. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Feathers in the Nooks

This is the Nooks and Crannies pattern. I decided I was going to cut into my Plum Layer cake, and I love the way it looks. I am glad this wasn't my first attempt at lots of bias in one project, because it definitely tested my patience.

 I did fudge the pattern a bit. I had all these offcuts from the sides (the initial cut from the layer cake), so I used these on the ends instead. I ended up having to add one extra triangle, but in the end, I had enough to make a strip for the back as well. The back has yet to be constructed, but I the bright pink feathered print for the main portion.

I always get stuck on trying to achieve the random look. This one was not any easier. In addition to wanting "random," I also didn't want to many solids together, or too many fleur de lis all in one place. This pattern was alot of fun to figure out, and there are three more variations. I look forward to trying each one.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lucky lately

This magnificent bundle was the first to arrive. The FATQUARTERLY team was giving away a ton of quilting loot from Jaybird Quilts. My bundle came with the Unwind pattern, a Robert Kauffman Jelly roll of some wonderful cheery prints, and a fun new ruler! I am excited to try it out.

The Happy Zombie Blog was hosting a  book tour for Erin Gilday. Both of these fantastic artists are from Portland. Makes me miss this wonderful city. This fun book arrived along with a charm pack of the Happy Mochi Yum Yum. Its ironic that the subject of this book is an homage to the Seminole style of patchwork and, being here in Florida, there is no shortage of Seminole paraphernalia, but I think this will be alot more fun to display.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


And we haven't killed each other yet....

Friday, May 13, 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival

Amy's Creative Side

This is "Under the Sea." It was made for Baby Charlotte. It was made before we knew if Charlotte was going to be a Charlotte or a Charley, so I tried to select a diverse group of prints and colors. I think it definately works.

The husband was actually instrumental in the choices for this quilt. I gave him three fabric choices, and asked him to select what he thought would be most in line with what the momma wanted (his co-worker). He selected the MOMO layer cake. I later found out his selection had nothing to do with what he thought mommy would like, he chose it because he liked it. Fortunately, mommy loved it.

I used the Double Dip pattern by ThimbleBlossoms. I have plans to use the rest of this layer cake to make its buddy pattern, but as of today, I have not started yet.

This quilt is probably the fastest I have started and finished a quilt. It was also my first start (and first finish) of the new year. It took about two weeks from first cut, to finished binding. If only some of my other projects could be so efficiently completed.

Max & Whiskers....More Basic Grey!

So Cute! I am excited to own some! Now what should I do with it?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another Fig Tree Club Project

I promise though I have not been blogging I have been doing a little bit of sewing!


Xboxes- Fig Tree Club Project

I quilted in the negative space of this one. This was quilted about the same time as the Origins quilt, and so I was liking the look of the puffy designs. This one just needs binding now.....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On the machine now....PLUME!

 This is the Nooks and Crannies pattern by Fig Tree Quilts. I am using an uber delicious layer cake of Plume. I am totally digging this pattern, but I wish I could find some more finished quilts to look at in other color schemes. I have chosen the the bottom right layout, and I think it will look fantastic. I am still undecided for the sashing. I have the Bella Stone or the Moda Snow, or plain bleach white. Any thoughts?

And this is what the granny machine looks like when she is hard at work. Very messy!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wild Butterflies

I named this one "Wild Butterflies," because a commenter said it looked like butterflies flying accross, and I like that.

Wild ButterfliesBasting (my least favorite part of the process)...

I quilted in the negative space. I like the way it makes the pinwheels "puff."

Wild Butterflies

And the finished product....folded on the patio, because at picture time, the grass was wet.

Wild Butterflies

Monday, May 09, 2011

He is a Brand Snob?

I hate to say it, but the dog is a snob. He seems to know the difference between the Osteo Biflex, and the Walgreens brand. Last year, the vet recommended glucosomine because the dog has joint issues, and we were trying to prevent early arthritis. The vet told me that there was a dog glucosomine supplement for $80 a bottle or I could give him the people version (Usually B1G1 free at Walgreens). PEOPLE VERSION IT IS! So I trotted down to Walgreens and ended up buying the "Natures Finest" (not pictured). After properly informing the dog that he could be force fed his pills, or he could take them voluntarily, he decided he would take them on his own. He ate the Nature's Finest for a while, and then a friend gave us some extra Osteo Biflex. So we switched to those (same chemical formula.) No problems from the dog. Then those ran out, and I needed to go get some more. The next time I went to the store, the Nature's were not on sale, but the Walgreen's brand was, so that is what we purchased. Unfortunately, we were back to force feeding the pills. This is not pleasant for anyone. Then the same friend, gave us some more Osteo Bi-Flex. And we gave it to the dog. The dog gobbled it up like a treat....go figure.

(From July 2009)For those who are wondering, the dog had knee surgery two years ago. He tore the ACL of his right rear. He is sporting his camo bandages here, and lounging very comfortably on my down comforter. (We camped in the living room for his first two weeks of recovery since he wasn't permitted on the stairs.)

Add caption
The kennel picture is just a little humerous. He was feeling a little grumpy since he was naked in some parts and hooded in others. I remember calling the vet about his "depression." They told me that it was understandable, but in a way it was good that he chill out peacefully in his kennel.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Will fight terrorism....for food?

Congress Still gets paid? This article makes me angry.

Go figure. As of today, the husband will receive half his normal paycheck on the 15th, and nothing additional until congress gets their act together. He will still have to go to work on monday, whether or not he is getting paid to be there. I do have a smidgen of faith that Congress will resolve this quickly, but as they have had months to come together, pull up their big-boy pants and make hard decisions, they have failed at that as well. How is it that these men are still playing childish games. They have been given a great responsibility, but do not deserve it.

Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., told MSNBC Thursday that she needs her salary and won't forego it. She pointed to student loans, childcare and the need to maintain residences in California and Washington as reasons for her decision.

Servicemen and women, along with those who serve local governments, police, fire, teachers etc also have student loans, childcare, and residences to maintain. They do not have the option of keeping or returning their pay.

Come the fifteenth, pay or no, we will be okay. Too many people will not though. As a volunteer at Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, I see many people who fall on hard times under ordinary circumstances. We don't use Navy Federal, but Navy Federal will cover their members, and many other organizations are stepping up to ensure that the stupidity in Washington will be easier on some. Its encouraging to see the companies and groups that are going the extra mile here. If only our Congressmen could get their ego's in check and their brains back on "main street."

Write your Representative

Write your Senator

Ask if they are going to accept their salaries while your teachers, policeman, fireman, city engineers, airport saftey, and the military are making arrangements to their own budgets, when they have no choice but to do with less.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another Wild Thing

Origins Wild Thing

Wild Thing is my new "go-to" pattern. This is the second time I have done this pattern, and I forsee many more incarnations in the future. This one is a gift, I was late for the wedding, but it will be finished soon!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Brought to you, by the letter B

I have started growing basil. It seemed easy enough, I picked up four small plants at the grocery store, and sent the husband out for a pot and potting soil, with a few tips from Grandma, I was in business!

So far I have pruned 4cups of leaves, made about 2 cups of pesto, and enjoyed every drop of it!

I was inspired by my Food Network Magazine, which came with an insert with 50 recipes to use Pesto. I will admit, the two I have tried so far did not come directly from this insert, but my base pesto recipe did.

So far my pesto adventures have included a chicken pizza with goat cheese, and roasted red peppers. I used the pesto as a sauce on the crust, and also marinating the chicken.

This weekend I also made a delightful pesto alfredo sauce, also with chicken, and of course what is alfredo without pasta.

As this is my first attempt at growing something I am very pleased with my results. I should have enough leaves for another batch of pesto. I am a big fan of the Panera vegie soup with pesto, and I think I can come up with my own fantastic version...

Saturday, February 05, 2011

What $75 can buy...

1 Bolt of Beautiful Bella Solids.....for sewing


1 Civil War Pension File, for Hiram Obediah Lillie 1826-1905

Truthfully, I don't think the husband would want me to purchase either of these things, but Oh Hiram O....I would really love to know who your parents are....more about your beautiful wife, Susan Ann Walker.....and consequently your adventures marching on foot through the south.




Moved from Rolla to Salem, Mo., September 17, 1862, and duty there till November 20.
Moved to Houston, Mo., November 20, and duty there till January 27, 1863.
Action at Beaver Creek, Texas County, November 24, 1862.
Hartsville, Wood's Forks, January 11, 1863.
Moved to West Plains, Mo., January 27, and duty there till March 3.
Moved to Milliken's Bend, La., March 3-15, and duty there till April 11.
To New Carthage April 11-12 and duty there till April 25.
Movement on Bruinsburg and turning Grand Gulf April 25-30.
Battles of Port Gibson, Miss., May 1,
Champion's Hill May 16;
Big Black River Bridge May 17.
Siege of Vicksburg May 18-July 4.
Assaults on Vicksburg May 19 and 22.
Surrender of Vicksburg July 4.
Advance to Jackson Miss. July 6-10.
Siege of Jackson July 10-17.
Duty at Vicksburg till August 20.
Ordered to New Orleans, La., August 20.
Duty at Carrollton Brashear City and Berwick till October.
Western Louisiana Campaign October 3-November 9.
Moved to New Orleans November 9-12,
thence to Mustang Island, Texas, November 16-25.
Duty at Indianola till June, 1864.
Moved to Algiers, La., June 16.
Duty at Kennersville, Algiers, and Morganza till September.
Moved to St. Charles, Ark., September 3-11, and duty there till October 23.
Expedition to Duvall's Bluff October 23-November 12.
Moved to Litle Rock, thence to Memphis, Tenn., November 12-26.
At Germantown, Tenn. guarding railroad till December 28.
Moved to Memphis, Tenn., December 28,
thence to New Orleans, La. January 1-9, 1865.
Campaign against Mobile, Ala., and its defenses February 1-April 12.
Siege of Spanish Fort and Fort Blakely March 26-April 8.
Assault and capture of Fort Blakely April 9.
Occupation of Mobile April 12.
Moved to New Orleans, thence to Shreve port, La., May 28-June 6.
To Baton Rouge July 19.
Mustered out July 31 and discharged at Springfield, Ill, August 9, 1865.

Regiment lost during service
4 Officers and 47 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and
1 Officer and 120 Enlisted men by disease.