Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wedding Stuff

This morning was alot of fun. We took the dog to the IOP Beach. The tide was alot higher than we expected it to be, so we just kind of walked along the beach. It is definately funny watching Mack run in the water. Sometimes I think he is on crack, but he is just energetic. (It is nice now because he is passed out on the couch.) Then we headed downtown to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. where everything is themed Forrest Gump, but it is definately the perfect place to eat when we have the dog.

This afternoon I went down to the Northwoods Mall to pick a ring (not for me) and pick tuxedos for the boys. It is definately an interesting task. I think they will be wearing more stuff than me on my wedding day. However theirs' comes in the correct size, mine takes a month and a half to get that way.

Now I will wait here alone with the dog for Drew to come home from work. Hopefully he will not be too much longer.

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