Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Yea, I have a hotel!

Well, the hotel finding process has definately been an interesting one. Drew and I went around to all the hotels around the convention center (which is about half way between downtown and the base) to find suitable accomodations for all our guests. This task was probablyl poorly executed on a Sunday because the people we would need to speak to would not be there on the weekends so, we just looked.

Shortly after I was thinking that the Sheraton would be our best option while trying to balance the luxuries with affordability. Unfortunately every employee that works there is incompetent. (According to the front desk you can only make hotel arrangements a month out...I think not!) But I continued to pursue the option, until I called one morning and the phone rang for an eternity only to have a rude operator on the on the other end when it was finally answered. I will no longer waste any more precious moments of my life dealing or attempting to deal with them.

The Hampton Inn North will be our choice for accomodations for our guests. They of course can choose to stay at any hotel of their liking, but the moms and the dads will be guests of the hampton. It is a beautiful and somewhat new hotel in North Charleston. And thankfully, one less thing for me to worry about!

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