Thursday, May 15, 2008


Its interesting to think about all the things to consider when leaving a voicemail. Usually when going about my daily routine, I don't often think about that seven second message I left for my husband to grab milk on the way home, or that quick voicemail to my boss asking if she could call me when she gets a chance. But there are important messages that get left everyday, that do require some editing.

Every now and then I find myself, listening to my message, and depending on its purpose, I may "re-record". Usually I do this when it is an important message, or I found myself losing my thoughts, or stuttering over a number. I think its actually a very nice feature, and underused. I used it today when leaving an important message for a colleage. I used way to many vocal stalls in my first message, and decided it would leave a slightly better professional impression if I could get through 19 Seconds of information without saying "ah"!

When Drew was in OCS, I would find myself listening to my messages, and re-recording, then listening, recording again, and again until I knew the message was perfect. Back then, and now the husband doesn't really care one way or another if the message is white noise, screaming or requesting a run to the grocery store, but its funny to think I tricked him into marrying me by perfecting my voicemails.

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