Saturday, June 28, 2008

Leaving people behind

As we grow older and wiser, or sometimes just more stubborn, the outlook is changed, and forever altered. In some ways I have learned to understand why parents my divorced so late in their marriage, but I hate change. But really the most important thing is to be happy with yourself, and to be around someone who brings you down will only waste precious time that we have on this earth. Like most people I hate changing stages in my life only because I have fear of the next stage and learning to face new challenges, but sometimes it is inevitable.

Throughout my life I have had to say good bye to many people. I learned in college, that it did me no good to be with people who did not support me, and make me feel good about myself. In any relationship, whether that be friendship or romantic, sometimes it is necessary to part ways. It is a waste of time to stay around for someone who doesn't respect your feelings. There is a give and a take, and someone who is always taking will just drain you physically and emotionally. If you are constantly fighting someone else's fires fires, you will no longer have the energy to fight your own.

I am definitely a firefighter. I like to help people, and I love to be needed, but I forget sometimes, that I need support too sometimes. I am lucky though, I have some wonderful firefighting friends too. Who are always there to pick me up when I am feeling down, and know the best time to drag me out to see Sex in the City. (Fantastic movie, by the way!)

So, as I face my days tomorrow, and the next day, I will remember that even though change is uncomfortable, it is better surround yourself with people who only say things to uplift me, and encourage me to grow.

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