Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Surprise Phone Calls

These are truly the most wonderful things in the world. I was surprised by my husband yesterday at 8:51 in the morning with a phone call. Although it would only last a few short moments, I desperately needed this boost and encouragement. Sometimes I wonder how I can go on a second longer, but these little reminders of the wonderful hubby I have make everything worth while.

I will also add that is incredibly frustrating to always be the last person to receive a phone call. The wardroom has an unofficial phone tree that filters down for every "first" email and phone call. I cannot say that everyone "puts out the word" when something has been received, but it is discouraging sometimes to hear who has gotten called so far, while I am still waiting. For once, yesterday, I was the first and possibly the only one to receive a phone call yesterday morning. I did not call anybody to gloat, but I have my warm fuzzy feeling inside.

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