Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yay, for early arrivals!

It was very exciting yesterday, when I got my call from Amanda about the boat being home. Sometimes I think that the unofficial phone tree is far more effective then the actual phone tree because I seem to know all the right people. (Those would be the people who are married to guys who know that the first order of business when the boat gets to Groton is to run to the nearest phone.) Amanda and I originally had a dinner date last night, but due to the return-age of said boat, we decided to postpone.

I would later find that Drew had duty, so I got to swap my dinner date with a girlfriend for dinner date with hubby, and the SDO. But it was still a nice dinner. Even better, aftwords, the husband got singled up (that means the Duty Officer tells him to go home), and was home by about 9:30. I am looking forward to a nice long weekend. We haven't quite decided what should be on the agenda, but next week is our 2nd anniversary, so at the very least, it should include some celebrating.

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