Monday, July 21, 2008

Busy Busy...

I never thought "not working" would be so busy. Actually, I am still working, but part time, and I have been trying to fit in all my errands and projects that I have been meaning to do for a while.

The weekend seemed to fly by, even though I didn't really do much. Saturday was spent at the Linen's NThings in Lisbon. They are closing, and have alot of great "bargains". I know that I spent alot, and my receipt said I "saved" alot, so I guess its okay. The hubby didn't seem to mind so much, but he was busy doing fun things down in Florida, so I think I could have told him that I got a cat, and he wouldn't have minded.

Sunday I watched a baby for friend. I don't mind babysitting at all, but let me say-- babysitting is the best method of birth control, IMO. I think every 16 year old girl should have to spend a day with a one year old, feeding, changing diapers, and trying to entertain. She might have a little more discression in her choices. Oh wait, didn't they make a tv show about that? Aside from my severe lack of toys, the day was a success. We didn't run out of diapers, and the toy factor was remedied by walking over to someone else's house.

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