Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fur Babies...

There is a new veterinarian down at the Vet on base. He seems very nice, and didn't yell at me too much about the size of the Mack-Noodle's meals. He did say I need to MEASURE. I can handle that. Drew has been griping at me for a while about Mack's love handles, but he never really had a solution except to starve the poor creature.

The Mack-Noodle has a small bump on the bottom of one of his foot pads. The Vet assures me that it is okay, and I should stop worrying. He commended me for actually finding it, so that made me feel good. As long as the doggie is okay, I am happy!

Missie has been visiting for the past week. She has been a fantastic houseguest, but Mack has been sharing a house with another dog for the past few weeks now (between our PA visit, and then Peanut), and I think he is ready to be the center of attention again. He gives me that cute little, "cuddle me" look, and then climbs up next to me on the couch. I do miss the husband, but only the dog loves me unconditionally!

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