Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finally Home!

Well, the hubby finally came home on Tuesday. I feel a sense of relief. I was rather shocked to receive an email on Tuesday morning, because it was the first email I had received in the six weeks since he had left. It said... "I have duty the first day we come home. See you soon." Now for those of you in the lovely world of submarines, you know that even though I got this Tuesday, and I knew he was coming home Tuesday. He had duty Tuesday. Because of all those secrecy rules. He couldn't say. "I have duty today. See you later." But it was nice to be able to expect that I wouldn't be able to bring him home with me after I met him on the pier.

Of course it seemed like he was the last one off the boat. He did come off somewhere in the middle. He claims that he was waiting by the hatch and then Mr. Goldie needed a BRB, so Drew had to cover, therefore delaying his ascent up the hatch.

I was a little lucky though. Even though he had duty, I was permitted to bring dinner to him Friday night. The duty officer was feeling generous of spirit that day, and allowed him to be singled up, so he actually did get to come home. He was required to return bright and early though.

Yay for the San Juan coming home on schedule!

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