Friday, August 01, 2008


I like to think about the question "Who am I?" sometimes. I have thought about this many times, but inspired by a friend to ponder this in the literary world. I see so many women who identify themselves as a "navy wife", or as "Drew's wife", or as an occupation. Who are we really? Obviously we are different things for different occasions. But am I any different than before I married my husband. Yes my priorities have changed a bit, but I don't think so. Am I different than before I got my pilot's license? No, I don't think so. I am much cooler now, with a bigger ego, but still the same at heart. I know I am different than I was in High School, but I think of HS as a waiting room for the rest of my life. So maybe I am the person that "was" after high school and before college. Well, I think alot of college is who I am so, that has to be in there too. But also, I think that even though I don't identify myself as a "navy wife" I have grown alot and learned alot about myself through all of these experiences. Some of these lessons, I wished I could have avoided, but none-the-less, I think I have become a stronger person. I suppose I can say that I don't really like the question "Who am I." I am so many things all wrapped into one, I hope nobody asks me this question soon, because it might take me a while to tell them.

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