Sunday, July 27, 2008

Girls Night Out

Today was alot of fun! The bake sale for the FRG was today. I don't quite no how they did, but I made raspberry streusal bars. They turned out pretty well. Hopefully everyone loved them.

I did feel like I accomplished alot today, and then I spent a bit of time with the wardroom down at the park. It was fun, and we went to the pool later. I really should go to the pool more often. Its very refreshing, and its not that far. I might try to work this into my weekly routine, it definately is a good workout, and might help me lose those few pounds that I have been wanting, but not actively trying to lose!

I always look forward to the Girl's Night Out. They are especially nice when the hubby is gone, and its good to go out, and have a good time! We had a nice group there, and its always fun to hear the stories about what is going on in everyone's lives!

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