Saturday, August 23, 2008

Genealogical Doldrums

I have been absent from my research lately, as I have been wrestling with my own genealogical demons. I have had the great opportunity to speak to family members who have been researching for years, and though many would be inspired--I am discouraged. They have been working so hard for years, even decades, and have so much wonderful information to share. I know that I do not have the passion for this kind of research. The research they have done, spanning continents and difficult letter-writing, ordering of records, and phone calls, is not a task that I am ready, or willing to undertake. I feel though, that anything less than 100% is a failure.

Perhaps if I were able to read more about the research that has been done, I would not feel the need to research these families anymore. I would be able to harness my energy on one or two family lines. (Remember, these get exponentially larger as you move up the chain.) For now, I will let my tree sit in stasis.

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