Friday, August 08, 2008

Set oven to 450F?

I am thoroughly annoyed. It is impossible to cook anything when you can not set the oven to anything less that 450 Degrees. I was planning to cook dinner for the husband tonight, but seeing as though my oven is currently not reliable for accurate cooking temperatures, I was forced to seek other options. The husband was on duty tonight, and I was invited to dine with him. Aloha Teriyaki was the solution for my lack of dinner. It turned out okay, but I know already it is going to be a huge pain in the but to have this fixced by the management company. I will also add, that my oven is so unfancy (cheap) that it doesn't even have a clock on it. In addition there is no safety feature on the burner knobs so a simple bump against the oven could put my house up in smoke. Yes, don't worry we are insured.

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