Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cows 'n Cones

I really love this place. It is a nice reminder of how simple life really is. Its kind of nice, because even when it smells rancid (the piggie sty after a rainy day will do this), its hard to worry about anything while here! I took the hubby up there tonight, this was his first time, but it was nice. We went with the yenta clan. We narrowly escaped the rain, but were going up anyway, and had a great time. How many places though, these days can you go and just enjoy being there?

Afterwords we took the noodle for a walk. It was very relaxing, and its nice to have these moments together. We do argue alot, however, about how the dog will behave (or not behave) if let off his leash. I have the opinion, that the dog will just run, because he does. The husband thinks that we can "train" the dog to just walk with us, or just go straight home. I guess I just don't get how its going to happen, since the act of letting him off the leash is not training him, its just an opportunity for me to get alot of exercise as we have to chase him around the neighborhood. I really worry, especially at night (because the Mack-Noodle is black), that the dog is going to get hit by a car or lost. Why must this always be a point of contention?

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