Monday, August 18, 2008

To post or not to post...

After blogging somewhat regularly for two months now, I am surprised at my new perception. It is interesting, to see the different things that people put in their blogs. Mine is occasionally "deep", always honest, but rarely hinges on the truly private details of my life. There are just certain things about me that the world doesn't need to know, and I wonder, what leads people to put some of those personal moments in the literary world?

There are all sorts of different types of blogs. Some include recipes or craft projects. Others are to share about a unique experience, but some others that I see,I do wonder why people choose to release their privacy to so many unknown individuals. Is it a cry for attention? Is it out of boredom? Does letting others know about your life suddenly make it more interesting?

Blogging is a nice way to keep family involved in your life especially if you live far away, but really do they need to know what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner? I do like, I can share my feelings here, and it is an easy way to let people know about the daily struggles I face. Perhaps this is an easy way for them to understand how I feel about certain events. But I do keep alot to myself, sometimes to avoid hurt feelings, or to keep priviledged information priviledged. Am I stifling myself, should I release all the boundaries. What does this really accomplish though?

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  1. Some people are attention whores. ;) Now excuse me whilst I go post a blog about my Officer husband, how we are deployed, how my FRG is so awesome and how much I dig the Navy! Yes, I am going to Hell.


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