Sunday, October 05, 2008

What to do?

Yesterday, I had a surprisingly busy day! It was a nice distraction though, and I think I prefer the impromptu busy days than the planned ones. I had breakfast with a friend (at noon!), but we had a great time just chatting and being amused at what we didn't know we had in common. Later, I helped to celebrate the anniversary (of a child's) of three years on earth. Its very easy to know you are appreciated, when you show up, and you your name is being shouted from fifty feet away, as little legs carry outstretched arms to give you a hug. Why doesn't my husband greet me this way?

Dinner on the boat was the culmination of my early evening. I was planning to go sing karaoke, but I knew I wouldn't last a time that was going to be worth going alone, so I opted to crawl in bed and veg-out.

Drew and I have decided to make "Heroes" our show. We are doing this three seasons late, so we have to catch up. I predict we will be caught up very soon, because the show is very addicting. Drew started watching it with some of the JO's on the last underway. He thought it would be a fun show we watch together. As we don't regularly watch tv in the evenings, I figured it would be fun to have "a show" together. I am not sure if this means that I have to skip it while he is gone, but there is no way this is happening with this one. So last week, I ordered it, and I am through the 8th chapter. Its definately fantastic.

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  1. I love Hero's if you ever want to watch it let me know!!!


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