Wednesday, July 22, 2009

San Juan Mug

The guys all have mugs that they use when they go to happy hour at the dive. Some of the ladies decided that we wanted one also. Willow's hubby ordered one for her many moons ago. The ladies will often go to the dive to socialize when the rest of the wardroom goes, and it is always a good time. The boys' mugs all have their nicknames on them. So I had the appropriate name included on my mug. Kevin Young would always make me announce myself as "Mrs. Roo" when I called. Just saying "this is Alicia" would never work.

We decided to order mugs for ourselves. Unfortunately Mr. Patton wanted to make sure we had the special "wife's" dolphins which prominently feature a mop and a broom in the insignia. He ordered this version for us. This is the same version Willow has so, we all match. I guess it is fair. I have not really earned any real dolphins.

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