Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Almost July

I am getting very excited for my vacation plans. It definately makes this whole waiting thing easier when you have plans to look forward to. First down to PA to visit Drew's mom and stepdad. I am sure I will see lots of other people, and Mack-Noodle gets to have extra week of visiting. I will be headed down to Florida with Becca and Lucy (aka baby bump). I mention Lucy specifically, because she will be the guest of honor at Becca's babyshower. Something tells me though, that she won't care too much about anything but the cake for a few more months.

I do wish that Drew were here to travel with me. Its funny, that in the three, yes count them THREE years we have been married we have only traveled on an airplane together twice. So Drew wherever you are, I wish you were around to pull the suitcase through the airport.


  1. Well then....your comment linked me to YOUR blog. So no crazy neighbor comments from you, either. ;) I'm glad you don't mind looking at our backyard mess. LOL Charlie loves watching for Mack to come outside!

  2. Enjoy your travels and be safe. Glad I ran across your blog.


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