Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Ebay Presents

This little lovely bundle caused me a few headaches over the last week. I originally bid, because it was fantastic deal for this great little bundle, and I couldn't let anyone else buy it at the price that was listed. I purchased on ebay of course. I noticed as I was going to pay that the only shipping option was UPS shipping. I don't quite know if I would have purchased if I noticed that before I bid, but I was committed. I am cheap, and prefer the cheap shipping options. I am also slightly paranoid if I don't get some sort of communication by seller within a few days after I have paid. I have been burned by ebay before. I have never not gotten my money back, but I am not looking to add that "first." So after a few days I emailed the seller, and asked if my item had shipped. She responded that it would ship the following day and she would send tracking info. So I patiently waited for my tracking number, and it didn't come. A few days later I emailed again, and nothing. Finally she sends a USPS shipping number. Okay so I can clearly see that something has mailed, but I paid for the expensive UPS shipping. A few days later this lovely bundle arrived, and while I am pleased as punch at the collection. The shipping cost with USPS was considerably lower than what I paid. I am now working at getting the difference back. I have ebay on my side, because this falls under the non-performing seller rules. This means that the seller has to do what they say they are going to do. I did leave negative feedback, and followed it up with an option to revise feedback if excess shipping was refunded. I get to call ebay back in a day or so if the seller doesn't do it on their own.

In case you were wondering, the plan for this quilt is the Sparkling Cider Pattern I don't plan on starting right away, because I am still waiting for the special ruler for this pattern, and I would like to finished FRAMED first.

This group is called Patisserie. I saw it for the first time at the local quilt shop. There are some beautiful reds, and I especially love the maps! The pattern I plan to use can be found at the Moda Bake Shop. This one is also on the back burner for a while. Maybe I will finish it in time for a Christmas gift.

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