Sunday, August 23, 2009

Communication Skills

Relationships are very important. To care for those relationships requires good communication skills. Learning how to react and how to adapt to different situations can really make or break a successful result. Just like everyone has different learning styles, people have different communication styles.

In a previous lifetime I had a very difficult time dealing with tough situations. I thought that keeping my thoughts and my feelings to myself would be better than creating tension with family, friends or acquaintances. While I will admit there will many appropriate times to keep you mouth shut, Harboring feelings will only create more problems. These feelings will just fester, and when you are so frustrated and fed up, they will come out, and disaster will strike.

I like to think that I speak my mind. I hope that my friends see me as transparent with no hidden agenda. I hope to continue to work on my own communication skills to improve my relationships with my friends and family.

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