Saturday, August 29, 2009

Top Gun

Censored! I don't understand. This movie is a piece of cinematic genius. It has an amazing script, a cast that is truly remarkable(prior to going bonkers), a sountrack that that could rule the world, AND  the US NAVY  summer white uniform. Why mess with cinematic perfection to remove those truly wonderful scenes?  It is very dissapointing to watch this movie on the Oxygen channel and be missing every third scene. I suggest a new federal law, that editing this movie shall result in punishment of having to watch those removed scenes repeatedly. On second thought, I understand why the women executives at the Oxygen channel remove those scenes.
For anyone that knows me well enough to pay attention to my ringtones, you know the ringtone that plays whenever the husband calls is Take my breath away. This sound, is truly the most wonderful sound. I am scared that when I replace my phone, I will not be able to download this tone, as the source I have gotten it for the last few years is now not available. I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

So in the midst of my dreams of my sexy submariner, and waiting for my phone to ring, I will dream of navy pilots when they are twenty-something, and have yet to go berzerk.

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