Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yay For Email

I received an email today for the husband. This is always exciting, but the question of the day is, why is it so exciting? He is my husband, I know that he misses me. Of course, it is nice to hear/see it. I know that he is alive, because that news would definitely not come by email. There is is nothing that (I NEED to know) he can tell me that I cannot find the answer to on my own. After all, being a navy wife means that you have to be able to manage everything on your own. It means being independent and self-confident. For some (thankfully not me!) it means being both a mother and a father. It means making important decisions on your own, and learning to live them.

It is quite a conundrum. Though I don't need the emails, I am always depressed when they don't come. If I get emails every day for a few days, I expect emails every day. I get dissapointed when they dont come every day. When I get emails every three days, I expect an email on that third day. If I don't get one my poor computer gets quite a work out as I feel compelled to check my email every 15 minutes. Drew's circumstances are hardly predictable, and its not fair to have my emotions directly tied to my gmail account. I suppose this is why there astronauts wearing diapers, reality dating shows, and a holiday that is celebrated with red and pink chocolates. We all just want to be wanted, we want to be missed, we want to be loved. We want a best friend. I am so happy that I married my best friend. Even if I don't get to see him everyday, he makes me feel special.

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