Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday Date Night at Margarita's

Well this date was actually for Conner (age 4) and Kate (age 3). Amanda, Kristen, Ben, Jake, Tess and I were there to supervise. It was fun. Margarita's is always a great outing. I personally enjoy the Russelrita. It is like a Smoothie with extra "smooth." I enjoy our Wednesday evening dinners out and dinners in. It really helps to make the week go by a little easier.

Dinner was followed up at Kristen's house with Season 1 of Sex and the City. We watched the first couple episodes a few nights ago, and are going to watch the rest of season 1 tonight. We plan to go through the whole series in the next couple months, and then have a finale SatC movie night.

I personally think that the Carrie and Mr. Big romance should go down in history as one of the best romances. It was real. It had problems just like real people do. And, oh boy, did it have passion! Have a cosmo, and raise your glass to wonderful romances.

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