Thursday, September 24, 2009

CNO Open to Putting Women on Submarines

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I don't quite know what to think about this. Perhaps this is the brainchild of an admiral who didn't have any sons to become the next generation of submariners. On one hand, it doesn't quite seem fair that they should be excluded from the fun times of days without showers, sharing racks, boat smell, NR critiques, but why in the world does a woman want to be stuck in a tin can with 100 other sailors? Eventually the submarine pier will be proportionally populated with skirts, but what good really come of this? Who wants a group of whiny women stuck without makeup and curling irons?

I won't lie. I like that this is still an old boys club. However, the deployment brings enough drama with the rumors that go on about the wives. I suppose these men just don't want to feel left out, and want to start their own adultry rumors. I don't have have any questions about faithfulness in my marriage, but when you go months at a time, eating, sleeping, and not sleeping with the same people stupid things happen. Does this drama really need the assistance of months without sunshine?

The bubblehead makes some good points about it here... Bubblehead's blog....

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  1. my husband was a submariner years ago - yes it is crowded and for all the reason you say I'm not sure if I would want women assigned to one. But I totally disagree on that comment about whiny women needing their hair curlers ect. Most would probably cut their hair short and deal with it.

    I do think it would be bad for the moral of the wives left behind - yes things happen that are expected when in close quarters - I would be more concerned with the safety of the women sailors. They could get sexual advances that they do not want.

    My husband says even though he is all for equal rights ect., he would not have wanted women on the sub he was on back in the early 70's.

    I pity the commander - if this happens he will have a lot to deal with!


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