Friday, September 25, 2009

Sewing Machine Frustration

If only my machine were not bolted to the table, it would have been off to the repair shop. This is the source of the problem. This is the granny machine. It was made in 1951, but I know that it still has 51 more years of life. The needle tension is too tight, and therefore the top thread tension is too tight. I cannot adust this knob anymore. It is as loose as it is going to get. I am sure it is something very easy to fix, but I just want it to work correctly. What to do? See the stitches is how it appears on the bottom.....Any suggestions? (PS Moda Neptune fabric)
The machine is a singer 403a. I think the broken part is within the casing that has the numbers (on the knob) because when you turn the knob, it rotates, but the tension discs behind don't move at whatever should be moving them is not moving them....hmmm...hoping I can find a technician to make a house call....


  1. what kind of sewing machine is it? I have the same problem with my singer featherweight which is from the early 1950's. I have been told that I need my upper tension replaced as I tried to get it fixed 3 times now and it goes right back to working like that within a day of getting it fixed. The last time I was told that the tension needed to be replaced with a new one. I have not gotten around to it as my Janome works fine.


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