Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where are you from?

We are going to be moving soon. I am ready. It is time to go somewhere new. I want new scenery. I love my friends, and I hate the thought of having to find a new group of friends, and aside from this. I am so excited!

Moving is such a huge hassle. My least favorite part is.... what to do with all those address labels that I will never get to use again. Also a few months ago, I got a new box of checks in the mail. I for sure will not be able to use even half of them before we move. Thankfully, those can still be used even after we move. Those darn address labels though will need new purpose.

I also get to figure out a new answer to that question that everyone wants to know. Usually it is just small talk but the answer is still so difficult. In the military circles, the question of "Where are you from" has so many possible interpretations. This could mean one of many things,

Where were you born?
Where did you grow up?
Where was your favorite place to live?
Where did you most recently live?
Where do you hope to live?
Where you call "home"?
Where do your parents live?

While anybody could face a difficult time answering this simple question, military familes have an espcially difficult time. Unless you are going to be explaining for twenty minutes, you need a simplified answer. For a military families anyone of these questions could be the answer to "Where are you from." Also complicating matters, the husband is from somewhere completely different. So we have to answer that question twice.

In a COMPASS class, attended when I first moved to Groton, they skipped the question "Where are you from?" and just went right to "Where do you put your dot?" I loved this question. It takes the guess work out of the original question. You can put anything you want, and there is no wrong answer.


  1. Alicia,
    Do you know where you are going yet? When do you officially leave the boat?

  2. No official word on either of those yet, but its going to happen!

  3. There is a silly commercial on Europe AFN of 2 women sitting at the bar and a guy comes up to flirt and asks where they are from. The first one rambles on asking him what he means. Then he turns to the other and asks the same question. She too rambles on with questions of what he means.
    What do you normally tell people when they ask?
    Where would you like to move to?

  4. I put my "dot" in far that wins, because I have spent the most time there...

    We are hoping to go to Florida!


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