Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heritage Quilt

I realized today that this project hasn't been properly showcased yet. This is another project that the top is done, but not yet quilted. I worked on this a while back. It is anxiously awaiting my attention. I am going to have to get going on that!

I love this line. It is called Heritage. The colors were reproduced from a quilt from the 1800s. The colors are so warm and friendly. At the top of the picture in the center, the blue square is my favorite print. Its a much deeper blue in person, and this is the fabric I have for the backing.

On another note, a wonderful sewing machine repair man visited my home today. He has fixed the tension problems for the moment. The problem though, still exists. For some reason the screw in the tension knob is too short. It doesn't allow a proper "dial-a-setting." He is going to see if he has a screw that would work, and hopefully come back and do a more permanent fix. Yay!

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