Monday, October 05, 2009

At the top of the list?

Because I have an "A" name. I am always at the top of the informal lists. I am always getting phone calls from "nowhere." People sit on their phones and dial, people let their children play with their phones and dial. I have a simple request to file me under "M." In school, when I was "Alicia F" I was closer to the top of the alphabet. At the very least I was always in the first half that got to go anywhere (recess, bathroom breaks, etc). Now that I am "Alicia M" I am no longer in the top half, but recess is not quite so important. Iam okay to be banished to back of the room and the bottom of the list.

I will admit I am slightly OCD for the weirdest things. One of them being my contact list in my cell phone. My contacts are arranged alphabetically of course (as are all cell phones), but mine are by LAST name. Yes, I put all my contacts in my phone, last name first. Its because I want everyone to appear uniformly. My old cell phone had separate entry spaces for first and last names. You could choose to enter one, the other, or both. And the phone would display the first five letters of the last name then the first name if both were entered. Because of the OCD factor, I decided I would enter first and last names for everyone. I loved this because the columns were all nice and organized. You have no idea how frustrating it was when I got my new phone (two years ago, yes I am due for another), and 1- There were not separate blocks for the last name, and 2- I would have to manually enter the contacts last name first, and because last names are all different lengths, there would no longer be nice, organized columns. I did eventually get over this dissapointment.

Interestingly (or not), the husband is speed dial #6 on my phone. There is a very practical explanation. A long time ago, he used to be the first "M" name in my list (yes, ordered by last name). So when I wanted to look him up (before he was important enough for a speed dial) I would hit the contact button, then hit #6, to bring me down to the "M" names. (If you are confused, letters M, N, O appear on the six button....continuing on...) Then I had a flight instructor with an M name that would alphabetically supercede the M name that I had grown to love. Huge problem! So this is when the husband was permanently entered into speed dial #6. I could still hit the button that I had used so frequently to hear his wonderful voice. Now to dial to my love only required the push of one button!

If only that was so easy at this moment in time. Alas, I can still dial and listen to his voicemail greeting. Which reminds me, its probably about time I checked his voicemail again.

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