Friday, October 09, 2009

Genealogical Discoveries - Ferrall/Farrell Family..... has added this wonderful feature to show you when another researcher has "bookmarked" a document that has already been bookmarked by me. This is a nifty little tool, because it means that the researcher selecting this document, is probably researching my ancestor for some reason. The most likely reason is they are also a descendant of some sort.

Last week I discovered the name of my great great great grandfather James, along with his wife Alice Boyle, my ggg grandmother. I made this discovery after discovering a family tree belonging to the descendant of his sister (also named Alice). It is definately like assembling a puzzle to figure out all the pieces, but each discovery leads to many more questions. A genealogist will never be bored, often stumped, but never bored.

Here are a few of my puzzle pieces that have led to my asssumptions...

1. The image below is a shot of the 1900 census. Mr and Mrs. Woodcock are living next to Mr. and Mrs. Farrell. I know, because the Farrell children listed are my grandfather's aunts and uncles, that these Farrell's are mine (whether they be FERRALL or FARRELL). My new ancestry buddy, knows that the WOODCOCK family are her ancestors. She also has the obit of a another brother of John and Alice, listing Mrs. William Woodcock as a survivor

2. FARRELL, Joseph - He is survived by his widow, Catherine DONNELLY FARRELL, and two daughters, Catherine and Mrs. Alice GIBBONS; three sisters, Mrs. Mary POTTS, Mrs. William WOODCOCK and Mrs. Ann GALLAGHER, and three grandchildrem.

My ancestor, John, passed before Joseph and therefore not listed as survivor. This obit was provided by my new distant cousin for Joseph. He died July 1, 1929. He must have been born after 1860, as he is not included on the census record below. I just need to hunt down the 1870 census record for this family.

Additionally, back in the day our ancestors were much more predictable when coming up with names for their children. There was a formula. Joseph named one daughter after his mother (Alice) and another daughter after his wife (Catherine, possibly named after her mother, at by default a grandmother).

3. This image below is a snapshot of the 1860 census, listing my ancestor John, a matching Mary (listed above as Mary Potts), a matching Ann (listed as Ann Gallagher), and Alice (listed above as Mrs. William Woodcock. Most likely Mary's husband and Ann's husband had passed, hence them being listed with their first names, and Alice's husband still living.

Its very exciting to make these discoveries. It is fun sharing with family members, and its fun to find out more about my heritage. Sometimes I have to make educated guesses, but if you can put the pieces together, you have alot to work with. I still have to hunt down more information about Margaret, John's wife, but I will have to save that for another day!

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  1. How neat! My question to you would be - would you potentially name any future babies after your ancestors?


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