Friday, October 09, 2009

His favorite spot...

I love the Mack-Noodle. He is my baby. I am always amused when I will be looking for him in the house, and he is nicely tucked away in his kennel. I recently had a great friend who stepped in to feed him while I was off having circus fun, and she also searched the downstairs, while he patiently waited for his kennel.

I don't often close him in the kennel. He goes there on his own, but is always very careful to make there is some part that will prevent the door from closing. In this case it is an ear.

Does your pet have a favorite spot to lay around the house?


  1. Dixie loves to pile up all the couch cushions and lay on top of them. It's hilarious! Jerad and I call her The Princess and the Pea :)

  2. When the girls are left home alone, they snuggle together in one of their kennels. It is the cutest thing ever! They didn't start doing that until we left them with my parents before we moved. It's just precious. :)


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