Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary to me!

Well, its not the real one, and according to the husband this one doesn't count, but today is the anniversary of the day the husband proposed that we live happily ever after. It was was exactly one week after he graduated OCS. I am guessing he had some life epiphanies while he was there, or perhaps receiving letters every single day was just a sign that he better marry me or run far away. Thankfully he chose the marry me. I did send him letters every single day while he was there. They were not very exciting. They mostly covered topics like the Eagles, Hurricane Katrina, work, school, and the stupid people I had to talk to at work.

We didn't have the engagement ring yet (it had been ordered, but not yet arrived), and I begged him for something I could wear in the mean time. He, happily obliged, and we went down to Macy's to pursue their fine assortment of fashion jewelry.We had a fantastic celebration dinner at the Melting Pot in Viera, Florida.

I think it is important to celebrate in life as often as possible. It is so short, and we spend so much time overwhelmed with stress, and to-do lists. Take as many opportunities to stop and enjoy all of the gifts that come into your life!


  1. So sweet! And life should be a celebration - agreed!

  2. Happy Anniversary. Sorry so late.


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