Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Neptune Jewels Quilt

This is the first project that I have started with the fabulous neptune fabric. I am in love with it, and since my schnibbles is done, I can work on it.

It started with a jelly roll. I think this is the best way to buy fabric. You can get so many prints all wrapped up beautifully in a bow. The granny machine is fixed, and humming like she should. I was very excited to start working on this.
The first step was to pair up my jelly roll strips in to visually pleasing sets. The ultimate goal being have a nice assortment of color pairs. Because there are just so many of the aqua blue strips, there were some color set duplicates, but all the prints are different. After sewing them all together, and then sewing them to their background strips, and then hours of cutting again...I have 220 smaller segments.  Last night I paired the sewn segments.  Each strip set made 11 (plus a bonus) segment. The piles of 11 segments are shown here. They are now in the sets they will be sewn together, and that should be today's task! This is out of my jelly roll quilts book, and I am very excited for the finished product!

Update: This is its current state! Only 96 more blocks to assemble.

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  1. i made this quilt.. but with different fabric.. and i like mine.. but yours with neptune.. i may love it!


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