Saturday, October 17, 2009

Navy Ball, sans the Navy Boy

This is the hair. I loved what Sonia did. I t is getting longer, and I didn't want to cut too much off. Also we are experimenting with the bangs. I had to take the dog for a walk after the hair, and before the "prom," hence the track suit.

Willow was my lovely date. We had a fantastic time, and its definately sad that the boys couldn't be there with us, but you've got to "make lemonade." Thanks Willow for suggesting that we go!

My accessories for the evening included my fabulous hat/headband, along with my little fur cape, and fantastic gigantic ring (not shown). Robin in the blue dress was my stylist yesterday. Without her, I would have come in the dress that won the "eenie meenie, miney, moe" debate, and I definately would not have had the hat.


  1. Beautiful! Glad you had a nice time!

  2. You look great! I love the hair and makeup.

  3. I LOVE your hair!!! Beautiful ladies looking elegant.

  4. Hey girl, great pics! Check out my blog for your new award :)


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