Thursday, October 15, 2009

Schnibbles Nine Patches

I think the greatest part of the schnibbles project is that I am forced to learn new techniques, and expand my knowledge. Last month the project included "flying geese." I have no doubt that I would have put off learning this technique for many moons, if I was not forced by my desire to complete the project. This month's schnibbles lesson is planning and fabric layout. Last month, I did have to plan in order to get the right blocks in the right places, but the plan was mostly based on colors, and the block layout was the same in each of the nine segments.
This month, every single two inch block needs to go in a specific place in order for the greater design to be seen when finally complete. It takes alot of patience, and again most of the projects I have selected up to this point were projects that did not require such careful planning. Next for this schnib are the snow ball blocks that go amongst the nine patches pictured here. Another new type of piecing. Yay! I am about half done with this top. Last month I didn't even have all my pieces by this date! (No thanks to the quilte shoppe....) It shouldn't take much longer at all to finish it up in the next couple days. I will be done well in advance of my deadline.

A special thanks to Lanette, over at Crafting in Tataville, for letting me ask her questions about this month's projcet. I loved her border planning in the last project, and I hope she doesn't mind if I steal her idea...

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