Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sleep Talking

The husband's email yesterday was very cute. He told me that the ENG reminded him of me (scary)? So, as I continued through the email, I was waiting for the punchline, just as you are now. On board, the husband is in a stateroom with the ENG (Engineer on the boat) and the CHOP (Supply Officer on the boat), and as it turns out Eng also talks in his sleep at night.  He also made it very clear, that much prefers to listen to my sleepy mumblings than those of the ENG. I think its cute.

The nights I talk in mysleep, are the nights when I am totally wiped out and exhausted. I have been having alot of those lately, but there is no one to tell me what secrets I might be revealing. I was discussing with a girlfriend, what sleep conditions might disqualify you from submarine service. Sleep walking could be a hazard on a submarine?

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